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I was wondering if you grow any grains or if your beans would ever possibly come into contact with any grains? I have celiac disease and have trouble getting some beans that are not contaminated with wheat.

Thank you for your inquiry. We only clean and process dry edible beans in our facilities. We do not take in grains from growers, or from field production. The only grains we package are purchased from others already milled and cleaned.

We package those items exclusively in the Zursun small 24 oz. packages over one piece of equipment. We clean this small line thoroughly between every item and there is no residue of grains in any of our beans.

We are inspected by a third-party food safety company each year and we are an Idaho Certified Organic Handler. The organic regulations cover the proper cleaning, storage, inspection and auditing of all our packaging and bean processing equipment lines regarding product separation. We have not had any issues or problems with cross contamination of any products containing gluten.

In the case of lentils there will always be the slight chance of tiny particles of grains remaining in those items. Lentils are grown in the Northern Idaho Palouse Valley area and produced in fields that alternate with grains.

There is no way to insure the complete removal of every tiny particle of grain, however any possible remaining particles would be less than .1%. Our lentil items state this on the labels and as such are not to be considered “gluten free”.

Please rest assured that Zursun Beans are completely free of any gluten particles or residue.

I hope this helps.

All the best.

I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and need to eat food that has 20 ppm or less of gluten in it. I have your Cannellini beans. Are they gluten-free or were they processed/manufactured in a facility or on equipment that also manufactures gluten and therefore could be cross contaminated?

No gluten whatsoever. No chance of cross contamination since we do not clean or process any grains.

We do package a few grain varieties and we make sure our equipment is thoroughly cleaned between products.

Lentils (may) contain a trace (read tiny) amount of grain chaff from volunteer seeds in the fields. Dry beans do not share this issue so you can safely consume any of our bean varieties with no concerns as to Gluten.

Thank you for contacting us and I hope you’re able to successfully manage your condition. I’m sure it’s not easy.