Our restaurant is focusing on Non-GMO crops and sustainable practices. We are more concerned with responsible practices, than the label of certified organic, as we know the certification process is expensive and can sometimes be misleading. Do the farmers associated with your company use GMO crops, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or herbicides? And if so, are there any products that do not fall into this category?

Dry Beans are All Non-GMO. And, as of 2016, Zursun is now Non-GMO verified.

However, regarding soybeans I do not know and we do not grow or handle soybeans at all.

Bean Breeding is still done with single plant selection and cross breeding of varieties with grow outs for each cycle to produce the coloration, shape, size and growing characteristics that are desired.

We do not offer any certified organically grown even though we are an Idaho State Certified Organic Handler. We process and condition several organic bean varieties that remain grower owned and marketed to their exclusive customers.

Our growers use common synthetic and natural fertilizers and minimal herbicides and occasionally pesticides, but the actual dry bean itself is never directly exposed to these agents.

I’m in my sixties and have been in and around my Father’s business all my life. I eat beans all the time and to my knowledge I never suffered any ill effects nor have I heard of any by others due to any carryover chemicals from beans. The bean skin is porous but much less so than say other garden crops such as lettuce, spinach or any leafy vegetables really. I realize this is of no scientific or statistical value but I firmly believe that dry processed Beans and Lentils are two of the safest foods you can consume.

Our growers are typically all family farms of small scale and they must practice sustainable agriculture because it is the only way they can guarantee the viability of their land to produce crops of several types. Crop rotation is always practiced to make use of natural element replacement such as nitrogen and zinc. Water usage is critically monitored always.

As I’ve told others who’ve questioned me about this subject before, if you are of a mind that any amount of synthetic or manufactured chemical usage is a deal killer, then you will have a very difficult time finding such products in more than a few select common varieties that are mostly sold to Organic Frozen and Canned Food manufacturers, i.e. Amy’s Kitchen.

I hope this helps your understanding of our products. If I can be of any further help please let me know.