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Greetings! We are proud to present, back in production, 4 beautiful heirloom bean varieties: Dapple Grey, Good Mother Stallard, Papa De Rola, and Tongues of Fire.

Welcome to Zursun Beans

offering authentic heirloom beans and unusual legumes since 1985

We believe in real food produced by hard-working farmers. From the beginning, our small “slow food” company has understood that time and patience yields the freshest, most flavorful heirloom beans.

We also take pleasure in the comforting experience and mouthwatering taste of a fresh-cooked pot of beans that can be enjoyed for several meals, or shared with friends, rather than the bland, canned option.

Welcome to our legume-loving community−this is where you’ll find an awesome variety of heirloom beans along with fun recipes and practical cooking advice.

Jim Soran, Owner, Zursun Idaho Heirloom Beans

Good for the Earth

Heirloom beans are eco-friendly because bean plants enrich the ground for the next crop by aerating the soil, obtaining nitrogen from the air, and fixing and releasing nitrogen into the ground, thus helping fertilize the soil.

Beans require less water and fertilizer than many grain crops like corn and are an inexpensive and excellent source of dietary plant protein.

Good for You

Heirloom beans life-giving properties are as important today as they were for our ancestors. Beans are recognized as a near-perfect food.

Beans also contain the highest percentage of protein of any vegetable, and are full of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the high-fiber content of beans protects against heart disease, helps manage blood glucose levels and control weight.

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